Donate Your Thrivent Choice Dollars

Thrivent donates a significant amount of money in the course of a year, supporting the organizations that mean the most to you! 

Eligible Thrivent members can recommend where Thrivent distributes a portion of its charitable funding by directing Choice Dollars.

When Thrivent Choice Dollars are directed to Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra, we are able to continue to provide high quality orchestral music right here in central MN. We are careful stewards of donation funds, and we utilize financial oversight from our diverse Governing Board. Our audiences continue to expand. We feature a variety of concerts, from formal symphony music to family-friendly experiential concerts. We collaborate with both local and national arts organizations and musicians to bring high quality arts to the lakes area. This is all possible because of the generosity of community members. Thank you!

If you are an eligible Thrivent member, please consider designating your Choice Dollars to Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra!

How to Direct Choice Dollars Online

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Direct Choice Dollars.”
  3. Log in with your user ID and password. Click “register” if you are a first time user.
  4. Search the catalog of organizations to find Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra.
  5. Click on “Direct Now” to direct designated Choice Dollars.

How to Direct Choice Dollars By Phone

  1. Call 800-847-4836 and when prompted, say “Thrivent Choice.”
  2. Press 1 to direct Choice Dollars.
  3. A representative will work with you to direct Choice Dollars.

Want to Make an Even Bigger Difference?

Make a personal donation. Thrivent pays the processing fees so 100% of your donation goes to help.

  1. Visit
  2. Click Make a Personal Donation and search the Thrivent Choice Catalog.
  3. Once you locate the organization to which you wish to donate, click Make a Personal Donation.
  4. You’ll then be sent to Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing® to make the donation.

Thrivent Action Teams

We’re able to participate in Thrivent Action Teams, too! We’d love to work with you to help sponsor a specific program or concert that speaks to you. Contact us to discuss how we can work together in this way.

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